KD Soundsystem

Hot summer vibes on new single KD SOUNDSYSTEM

KD SOUNDSYSTEM adds a new story to their musical journey around the world. Their new single ‘Wanna Stay’, with the Dutch rapper Masta, is a summery combination of pop, reggae and drum & bass. Starting today, ‘Wanna Stay’ will be available on all popular online music services!

KD SOUNDSYSTEM is a five man song, dance, MC and DJ crew. They are known for their tropical beats, unique live shows and a ton of diversity. Everything KD SOUNDSYSTEM does is grounded in a deep respect for the music we all love. KD SOUNDSYSTEM effortlessly combines dancehall, soca, reggae and Africa-beats with dance, bass and hiphop. The result? A unique, genre-transcending act with all-round productions and sexy stage work. Good vibes only!

Musical exploration has already led KD SOUNDSYSTEM to many interesting cultures with equally interesting styles of music. In Jamaica, they jammed with the founders of reggae and dancehall, and in South Africa the KD crew found themselves right in the middle of the Africa-beats scene. Miami and London no longer hold any secrets for KD SOUNDSYSTEM either.
KD SOUNDSYSTEM incorporates their travel experiences into tropical productions. Last March, KD SOUNDSYSTEM released the well-received debut EP ‘Rimboe Riddim, Vol. 1’. Tracks on this EP were supported by Partysquad, Freddy Moreira, David Guetta Vinai and Don Diablo. Previous KD SOUNDSYSTEM collaborations include Jamaican DJ The Kemist and Dutch rap acts ZwartWerk and Stepherd & Skinto.

This year, KD SOUNDSYSTEM’s dazzling live show can be visited at festivals throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, their own club night ‘Rimboe Riddim’ draws increasing numbers of visitors to, among other places, Utrecht (EKKO), Amsterdam (Roest) and Haarlem (Patronaat). In addition, KD SOUNDSYSTEM has a monthly show on Funx and in the Rimboe Riddim playlist on Spotify.

Website: http://kuddedieren.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kuddedieren
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kuddedieren
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuddedieren
Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/kuddedieren
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/kuddedierentv