What Tiiiiime Is IT???! It’s Festival Banger Time! That’s a question Dutch producer Ferre Santos can also answer on his debut Kaleidosphere single. From the time he played his very first record at the age of 10, he’s become one of the hottest rising stars in the country today. A regular Netherlands-club spinner and throughout the world solo, Ferre has also been the supporting act to Marco V, Paul van Dyk, Tom Novy, Lucien Foort, Yves la Rock, Sean Paul, Chuckie, and Ian Carey, to name a few. He also has regular mixshows that air on JR.FM Radio Network, Radio Hard Power, Seejay, Clubbing Station and others. On “What Time Is It,” Ferre pulls out all the stops to deliver a “major rager” filled with big festival synths and pounding percussion, dramatic drops over a an off-key and somewhat daring vocal, that works within the context of the song. Perfect for the stadium set!

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