Every DJ remembers his first gig and Dutch DJ/producer Grezzo surely remembers his. He was 15 years old, spinning from the back of a truck at the legendary street parade Fast Forward in Rotterdam. When you’re that young and have thousands of party people going insane in front of you, it’s bound to leave a lasting impression. Not many years later, he finds himself wowing the crowds just as he did when he was a mere pup, but this time doing so on other continents and incorporating some of his big room original productions into his sets. In the past few years he’s done a number of tracks, his most notable being with vocalist David Goncalves (Chocolate Puma), “Always And Forever” making it to the finals of The Voice Holland. Grezzo now comes to Kaleidosphere Recordings with “I’m Alive;” a bonafide fesitval-poppin’ tune that has all the piano, synths, drums, builds perfectly arranged with a male vocal and choral chant that injects some real vital force into the song. Feel Alive with Grezzo!

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